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Huge Appetites For Comedy and Cake Made Funny Womens' International Women’s Day Charity Gala a Succulent Success!

"We couldn't get enough of those gorgeously gluten free cakes, from Wendy May Cakes. "

And big thanks for all the new Wendy May Cakes enthusiasts’ fantastic feedback: (even the audience was funny…)

"Your cakes are too delicious! I meant to just have a chocolate one but I accidentally had a vanilla one as well. You say they're gluten free but I don't know. Could anything that good be free of anything?! Yum yum! Keep them coming. Long live Wendy May!"
Deborah Frances-White
Funny Women

The Chocolate cakes were better than SEX!!!
...hits you in all the right spots.

Mmm yum. Only critism…they’re morish and when I finished the box there were none left!
They’re especially not fattening when you eat them out of the box. More environmentally friendly.
Richard Lightman

I'm amazed that gluten-free can be so good - they really dispel the myth about gluten-free food being poor quality and tasteless. I'm normally disappointed by coffee shop cake. I sometimes buy the 'Gu' variety at the supermarket, so would put Wendy May Cakes up with them.
Julie Loison

Orgasmic… Sublime…Outstanding…Beautiful…The best… Not long after tasting Wendy May cakes I attended a networking event at a prestigious venue – they too served cupcakes and having had my cupcake taste buds rekindled I was keen to try one –what a disappointment they were – all you could taste was the butter, or more likely margarine – they were not a patch on Wendy May’s gluten free cakes made with real flavours. I decided that I’m not eating any more cupcakes unless they are Wendy May’s!
Caroline Geraerts
StarTurn - Making Good Times Great Times

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